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National Member Networks

The National Guild currently supports eight national networks designed to convene members, share resources and strategies, and drive a national conversation around a given topic area. All Networks are led by a Guild Ambassador and supported by a steering committee composed of Guild members.

Over time, more networks will be added based on need and motivation. If you are interested in forming a new network, email Drew Malmuth or call (212) 268-3337 x19.

ALAANA Network

 The ALAANA network seeks to raise the profile of work being led by people of color (POC) in the arts, increase POC access to sustained resources, and invest in the growth and leadership of people of color in the field of community arts education.

Network Ambassadors

  • Lara Davis, City of Seattle Office of Arts and Culture, Seattle, WA
  • Rodney Camarce, Mural Arts Philadelpia, Philadelphia, PA

Steering Committee

  • Delashea Strawder, Mosaic Youth Theatre, Detroit, MI
  • Fern Renville, Red Eagle Soaring, Seattle, WA
  • Kwame Scruggs, Alchemy Inc., Akron, OH
  • Leslie Thomas, Department of Cultural Affairs, City of L.A., Los Angeles, CA
  • Marie Tai, Community Music Center of Boston, Boston, MA
  • Nicole Amri, SAY Sí, San Antonio, TX

Resources (members only)

  • ALAANA Network Twitter Party Storify - A recap of the online discussions coordinated by the ALAANA Network.
  • A Deep Dive into Radical Healing with Shawn Ginwright - Sponsored by the ALAANA Network, this webinar looked at Dr. Ginwright's model for radical healing in communities of color.
  • Where We At: Real Talk with Arts Administrators of Color - This online video chat brought in national experts on advancing leadership opportunities for people of color in the arts.

Arts in Education Network

 The AIE network works to support arts educators and their partnerships with K-12 schools. Through national, online convenings, the network provides our members with new conceptual frameworks and practical tools for improving existing and future partnerships.

Network Ambassadors

  • Nancy Kleaver, Kleaver Consulting, New York, NY
  • Santina Protopapa, Director of Educational Partnerships, New York, NY

Resources (members only)

  • Social Justice-Based Curriculum in K-12 Partnerships: Orienting Your Students - In this video chat excerpt, four experts discuss their techniques for orienting students toward discussion of power, privilege, and oppression.
  • Social Justice-Based Curriculum in K-12 Partnerships: Working with Partner Teachers - In this video chat excerpt, Moriah Carlson (DreamYard Project, Bronx, NY) shares her organization's strategy for preparing K-12 teachers to tackle issues of social justice.

Collegiate Divisional Network

The Collegiate Divisional network advances the work of community arts programs operating as a division of a college or university.

Network Ambassador

  • Susanne Baker, Director, DePaul Community Music Division, Chicago, IL

Steering Committee

  • Elizabeth Curtis, Potomac Arts Academy, Fairfax, VA
  • Karen Bruno, Lawrence Academy of Music, Appleton, WI
  • Kristen Murphy, UPS Community Music Department, Tacoma, WA
  • Louise Zeitlin, Oberlin Community Music School, Oberlin, OH
  • Mark Huxsoll, Temple University Music Preparatory Division, Philadelphia, PA

Resources (members only)

  • Working Together Part II: Collaborations between Program and Parent Institutions - Collegiate divisional network members discuss strategies for working with their parent institution.
  • Online Registration Solutions - Representatives from member organizations of varying sizes discuss their experiences with three different software solutions: Active Network, ASAP, and Studio School Pro.
  • Success Stories from Guild Members - Topics include 1) partnering with your parent institution; 2) recruiting and retaining strong faculty; and 3) raising the financial and human resources needed to succeed.
  • Financial Report - Focuses on the financial relationships of divisional schools to their parent institutions.
  • Financial, Leadership, and Faculty Report - Focuses on 1) finances related to being a divisional school; 2) leadership issues related to being a divisional school; and 3) faculty and academy issues related to being a divisional school.


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Creative Youth Development Network

The Creative Youth Development Network began at the 2012 Conference for Community Arts Education and emerged from the Guild's Engaging Adolescents Initiative. Members of the Steering Committee have been directly involved in either the Engaging Adolescents Instititue or our publication, Engaging Adolescents: Youth Participation in the Arts.

The steering committee currently serves an advisory role for the Creative Youth Development National Partnership, of which the Guild is the backbone organization.

Network Ambassador

  • Jon Hinojosa, SAY Sí, San Antonio, TX

Steering Committee

  • Cynthia Campoy Brophy, artworxLA, Los Angeles, CA
  • Käthe Swabeck, Raw Art Works, Lynn, MA
  • Karin Orenstein, Settlement Music School, Philadelphia, PA
  • Karen Lashelle, Creative Action, Austin, TX
  • Lara Davis, City of Seattle Office of Arts and Culture, Seattle, WA
  • Matt D'Arrigo, Director, Creative Youth Development Initiative, Clare Rose Foundation, Fairfield, CA
  • Rick Sperling, Mosaic Youth Theatre of Detroit, Detroit, MI
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Emerging Leaders Network

 The Emerging Leaderes network seeks to support those who hope to advance their leadership in the field of arts education. The Network works with all those who identify as an emerging leader to strengthen community arts education by cultivating a next generation of leaders that is equipped to transform the field in new, innovative, and inclusive ways.

Network Ambassadors

  • Tarah Ortiz Durnbaugh, Perforamance Programs Manager, Urban Gateways, Chicago, IL
  • Sabrina Malik, Manager of Institutional Giving, Groundswell, Brooklyn, NY

*This Network is among three launched in September 2017. Check back soon for more information and resources!

Large Schools Network

 The Large Schools Network is designed to support the growth and learning of Guild member organizations with budgets over $2 million. Through online learning, peer mentoring, and in-person convenings, this network will provide a space for large-budget schools and divisions of parent organizations to discuss unique problems, share best practices and strategies for success, and collaborate.

Network Ambassadors

  • Marie Tai, Associate Director, Community Music Center of Boston, Boston, MA
  • Karin Orenstein, Director of Education, Settlement Music School, Philadelphia, PA

*This Network is among three launched in September 2017. Check back soon for more information and resources!

Small Schools Network

 The Small Schools network designed to support the work of arts education organizations with budget sizes below $750,000. It creates a forum in which administrators across the country can share ideas, provide support, and act as sounding boards for one another.

Network Ambassador

  • Leo Van Asten, Executive Director, Rhapsody Arts Center, Verona, WI

White Advocates for Racial Equity (WARE) Network

 The White Allies network exists to complement and support the aims of the Guild’s ALAANA Network while also investigating the unique role that white people must play in undoing racism. The Network will do this work collectively through sharing stories, raising questions, and proposing actionable steps that can be taken every day to build racial equity in our workplaces and lives.

Network Ambassadors

  • Indi McCasey, Creative Educator and Community Catalyst, Oakland, CA
  • Jeannette Tremblay, Director of School and Studio Programs, Hyde Park Art Center, Chicago, IL

*This Network is among three launched in September 2017. Check back soon for more information and resources!

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