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2017 Online Learning Series

The National Guild's 2017 Online Learning Series includes webinars and video chats designed to build your capacity in leadership development, creative youth development, arts in education, and nonprofit management. The series is free for Guild members. Prices vary for non-members (Learn more about membership).

Additional webinars and recordings will be added to this line-up in the months ahead. Check back for updates!

Leadership Development Series

Social Justice Leadership & Activism in Institution Building

There are many challenges to building and leading a social justice organization dedicated to the practice of developing youth leaders, supporting their artistic voices, and facilitating political learning. In this video chat, Khary Lazarre-White will share insights from his 20+ years at the helm of The Brotherhood/Sister Sol, and strategies for effective management, program development, organizing, policy, and developing strong leadership.


Leading Through a Lens of Social Justice

If social justice is a tenet of your organization it is important to see that principle reflected from the administrative level down. DreamYard (Bronx, NY) prioritizes community building and leadership development within their admin team, and sees those principles reflected through the work of staff, teaching artists, and ultimately in the students and families they serve. In this highly interactive Zoom Chat, Rajeeyah Finnie-Myers and Lisa Green share examples of opportunities DreamYard has implemented for their team and discuss how those aspects have affected their work.


Visionary Leadership: Managing the Present with an Eye on the Future

John McCann, president of Partners in Performance and lead faculty for the Guild’s Community Arts Education Leadership Institute (CAELI), discusses how leaders can manage time, energy, and focus that’s attentive to both the ‘today’ we reside within and the ‘tomorrow’ we strive to occupy.


Leading from the Heart

Leadership development expert, Ronnie Brooks, and arts education leaders across the country share strategies for taking heart and generating hope - personally and among your team - during uncertain times.


Finding Your Entry Point: Showing Up for Racial Justice in Your Community

What is a resource that you have been using to resist racism and oppression in your organization or community, particularly given the current political climate?  Join the conversation, and hear from artists and arts administrators creating programming, and implementing tools and strategies to both reimagine and realize justice in these times.


Creative Youth Development (CYD) Series

Our CYD webinars are part of a year-long series produced by the Creative Youth Development National Partnership. The first three webinars in the series are focused on CYD fundamentals. In the months ahead, we’ll be adding to this exciting line-up with deeper dives into the five imperatives of the CYD national policy agenda, including webinars on cross-sector collaboration, documenting and communicating impact, promoting youth leadership, and more.

Our fall webinar series, Evaluation as a Strategy for Building Creative Youth Development Programs, focuses on evaluation as a strategy for building, improving, and funding creative youth development programs. The series will be chaired by Dennie Palmer Wolf and Steven Holochwost of WolfBrown, working in collaboration with Käthe Swaback and Gladys Hidalgo of RAW Art Works (Lynn, MA), along with Julia Gittleman and Ruth Mercado-Zizzo from the Youth Arts Impact Network in Boston. 

CYD Evaluation Series: The Foundations of Creative Youth Development Evaluation

We will begin by exploring the basic principles of creative youth development and their implications for evaluation. From there, we will examine how an organization builds the foundation for doing effective evaluation: developing an organizational story, building a logic model or theory of change, developing powerful infographics, and creating a culture of inquiry that includes young people as full partners.


CYD Evaluation Series: Stepping Up to Survey and Use Observational Data

In this session, we will explore how to design and use surveys and observational protocols, both field-tested tools and new ones tailored to individual programs. As part of this work, we will look at a range of strategies for involving current youth and alumni as critical respondents to and designers of tools. We will discuss the important work of formative assessment: the fine art of using findings to improve programs over time.


CYD Evaluation Series: Thinking through Comparisons

Many evaluations depend on comparing participants to non-participants and looking for the changes that are correlated with being in a program. This kind of correlational work is a major step in thinking about the impacts a program may have – but doing this work well, and understanding its limits can be demanding. Together, we will think through what can – and can’t – be learned through this approach. 


CYD Evaluation Series: Partnering for Large-Scale, Quantitative Evaluation

In light of the growing demand for more rigorous evidence – from government and private funders – this final webinar will look at what it takes to conduct quasi-experimental and experimental research into the impact of CYD programs. We will look at the demands such studies place on programs and their staff and consider when programs are ready to take on those demands. We will also explore the kinds of research partnerships that CYD organizations might undertake with external partners in order to learn about and conduct these demanding, but powerful, forms of evaluation.

Creative Youth Development: What's in a Name?

Creative Youth Development (CYD) intentionally integrates learning in the arts, humanities, and sciences with youth development principles. In CYD programs, young people create work and apply their creative skills to solve problems, shape their lives and build the world in which they want to live. The 2014 National Summit for CYD generated new focus and energy in CYD, catalyzing collective action (e.g., CYD National Partnership, Alliance for Creative Youth Development). In this webinar, we explore what it means to create and sustain programs for youth through this framework through case study examples, discussion, and student work. Featuring youth and adult leaders from Creative Action and Say Sí. Moderated by Denise Montgomery, director of the National CYD Initiative.


Five Effective Models of Creative Youth Development Practice

In this dynamic “TED Talk-style” webinar, representatives of five exemplary creative youth development organizations will share how their programs are sparking young people’s creativity and building critical learning and life skills that carry into adulthood. Through short-form, energetic presentations by youth and adult leaders from A Reason to Survive, Community MusicWorks, DAVA, Destiny Arts Center, and Harmony Project, you’ll learn about several, interrelated CYD practices.This showcase will provide you and your team with inspiration and new ideas for how to create, develop, and advocate for successful creative youth development programs.


Nonprofit Management Series

Defining Who We Are: Establishing Identity as a Collegiate Divisional School

In this video chat, the National Guild's Collegiate Divisional Network hosts an exploration and enlivening discussion about how collegiate divisional schools form an identity within their overall organization. For some schools, there is only one parent institution in the hierarchical structure, but for others there may be two, three, or four levels of upper administration affecting important decisions.


"Let's Have Coffee": The Art of Face-to-Face Fundraising

What are the best tactics to use to get donors to say “Yes” to your asks? In this high-energy webinar, Tom Iselin helps you rethink grants and galas, and shows you how you can raise more money with fewer resources and headaches by spending more time raising money in face-to-face settings


Making Data Work for Your Organization: A Case Study in Strategic Planning & Capitalization

Learn how Settlement Music School’s leadership team crafted a highly successful strategic and capitalization plan that supported its mission and built a strong balance sheet, discuss how this process can be effective for organizations of all sizes, and come away with new ideas for advancing your own business practices.


Using the Guild's 2017 Benchmarking Data to Advance Your Organization

In this in-depth webinar, DataArts share key findings and discuss how the data collected can inform your organization’s planning and budgeting as well as fuel your advocacy efforts. We also demonstrate how you can use the DataArts online system year-round to run custom reports. A detailed analysis of data will be shared, including data on staff and faculty compensation, instructional fees, income and expense ratios, enrollment demographics and more.

Arts in Education Series

GET FREE: Unleashing Creativity to Create Radical Change

Our inspiring 2016 Conference Keynote speaker Dr. Bettina Love discusses how to provide youth with the tools for understanding and working collectively to combat racial and social injustice.


Learning to GET FREE: The Ins and Outs of Hip Hop Civics Education

Dr. Bettina Love discusses the role of music and the arts in teaching students to combat racial and social injustice, and provides you with strategies and tools from her new curriculum, GET FREE. Inspired by the ingenuity, political energy, love, and DIY model of underground Hip Hop, this new (and free!) online civics curriculum aims to be a critical tool in the movement for justice by reinforcing citizenship, shared leadership, and civic engagement in the lives of young people.


Every Student Succeeds Act (ESSA):What it Means for Community Arts Education: Part I

The Every Student Succeeds Act (ESSA) is ushering in a new chapter in the American educational system. In this webinar, Jeff M. Poulin from Americans for the Arts discusses how the bill considers many provisions for out-of-school time and community-based arts education. He also shares insights into how the next four years, along with a new president and administration, will impact the field of community arts education.


Social Justice-Based Curriculum in K-12 Partnerships

This video chat was designed and facilitated by the Guild’s Arts in Education Network Ambassadors Nancy Kleaver (Lincoln Center Education) and Santina Protopopa (Progressive Arts Alliance).


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