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Peer Advisory Service

As a Full or Education Affiliate member, you have the opportunity for complimentary consultations with respected leaders in the field. Peer Advisors are long-term leaders who volunteer to share their experience with other practitioners, typically by phone. Topics addressed include program development, fundraising and marketing, human resources, technology, facilities, and more.

How a Peer Advisor Can Help

A Peer Advisor can answer your questions, point you to resources, and share wisdom gleaned from years of experience. He/she can help you:
  • Establish direction at a critical juncture in your organization’s development (for example, during a leadership transition or when starting a new organization or program)
  • Develop your organization’s capacity (for example, strengthen your board or staff, build a fundraising program, refine your ability to assess programs, or upgrade your technology)
  • Determine priorities for focusing your limited time and resources to maximize results
  • Address a particularly vexing challenge
  • Take advantage of a new opportunity

How to Sign Up

Complimentary 30-minute consultations are available to Full and Education Affiliate Members. To schedule a consultation email James Horton or call (212) 268-3337 x12 to let him know the issue you’d like to discuss. James will connect you with an advisor suitable for your request. If you are not a Guild member, learn more about joining. 

Initial 30-minute consultations are free. Any additional services agreed upon by you and your Peer Advisor (such as a longer-term consultation) should be arranged directly with your Advisor. It may be appropriate for you to compensate your Advisor for these additional services. This arrangement should be negotiated directly with your Advisor.

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