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Our quarterly newsletter features updates on Guild programs and services, information about what's happening in member organizations, and articles with practical guidance, insights, and research findings on effective practices and emerging trends.


Latest Edition: Issue 3, 2016

The latest issue of GuildNotes is available to members-only.

  • GET FREE: Why Creativity & Imagination are Essential Elements of Social Change, By Bettina Love
  • The Rise of Creative Youth Development: Field Context, Policy and Funding Opportunities by Denise Montgomery
  • Forum: Planning for a Successful Web Redesign


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Preview GuildNotes: Issue 2, 2016

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  • Towards a More Conscious Leader by Ama Codjoe
  • Building a Collaborative Teaching Environment: Excert from The Practice of Partnership
  • Toolkit: Strategic Communications for Year-Round Donor Engagement
  • Forum: Integrating Youth Voice and Leadership in Your Organization



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Issue 1, 2016

  • Planning for Leadership Transition
  • Toolkit: Storytelling for Change Makers
  • The Practice of Partnership


Issue 4, 2015

  • A Love Note to Justice: Building Hope and Healing in Urban America
  • The Track to Amplify the Impact of Teaching Artistry
  • Critical Perspectives: 2015 Conference Reflections
  • Forum: People of Color in Arts Education Leadership


Issue 3, 2015

  • Finding Your Voice: Imagination, Leadership, and Building Community through Art, interview with Lily Yeh, 2015 National Guild Leadership Awardee
  • Critical Perspectives: Creative Environments that Revolutionize Aging, by Ellen Hirzy
  • Toolkit: Driving Organizational Success through Evaluative Thinking, by Kamella Tate
  • Forum: Mobilizing Parents and Families as Advocates


Issue 2, 2015

  • Beginning the Journey Toward Social Justice, interview with Renée Watson
  • Toolkit: A New Approach to Raising Real Money With Businesses, by Joe Waters 
  • Forum: Developing the Next Generation of Arts Education Leaders


Issue 1, 2015

  • Unlocking Title 1 Funds for Arts Education to Achieve Title 1 Goalsby Ellen Hirzy
  • Critical Perspectives: Building Public Will for Arts Education
  • Forum: Navigating Change: Applying Leadership Principles in Times of Transition


Issue 4, 2014

  • Connecting Student Assessment to Organizational Impact by Ellen Hirzy
  • Critical Perspectives: 2014 Conference Reflections
  • Leadership Corner: Transforming Your Organization
  • Forum: Communicating with Parents and Students via Text


Issue 3, 2014

  • New Times for TAs: A Growth Spurt for Teaching Artistry by Eric Booth
  • Leadership Corner: Keep Calm and Strategize, An Interview with Margie Reese by Heather Ikemire
  • Forum: Building a Successful Financial Aid Program


Issue 2, 2014

  • Creative Youth Development Movement Takes Hold by Denise Montgomery
  • Critical Perspectives: Arts for Life: Two Models for Creating Aging Programs by Ellen Hirzy
  • Forum: Common Core and the Arts: How are the New Standards Affecting Your Work in Schools?


Issue 1, 2014

  • Practicing the Art of Productive Conversation by Ellen Hirzy
  • Critical Perspectives: Creating Opportunities for Older Adults to Give Back by Stuart Kandell
  • Toolkit: Assessing Program Profitability by Angela Francis


Fall 2013

  • True Stories: Using Narrative to Market Your Mission
  • Forum: Engaging Your Alumni
  • Critical Perspectives: Engaging Tweens in Afterschool Arts Programs


Summer 2013

  • Technology and the Future of Arts Education
  • Toolkit: Preventing Sexual Abuse: Policies that Protect Your Students
  • Critical Perspectives: Arts Education and the Common Core


Spring 2013

  • Harnessing the Power of Volunteers
  • Forum: How Do You Engage Volunteers
  • Critical Perspectives: Arts Education for 21st Century Digital Natives
  • Leadership Corner: Managing Change


Winter 2013

  • Creating Equitable Access for Diverse Populations
  • Toolkit: Be Prepared: Committing Your Organization to Emergency Readiness
  • Leadership Corner: Reflective Practices for Transformational Leaders


Fall 2012

  • Building on the Past As We Shape Our Future
  • Under One Roof: Strengthening the Community Arts Education Movement
  • Trustees Corner: Recruiting for Board Diversity


Summer 2012

  • Collaboration, Impact, and Sustainability in Arts Education
  • Forum: What Does It Take to Lead Effectively? Reflections from Community Arts Education Leadership Institute Alumni
  • Toolkit: The Final Stretch: Bringing an Evaluation Home


Spring 2012

  • Forum: Are Facebook and Twitter Worth the Investment?
  • Critical Perspectives: Preparing for Partnership: Developing Internal Readiness
  • Trustees Corner: Engaging the Board in Your Vision
  • Toolkit: Evaluations at Mid-life


Winter 2012

  • Toolkit: Boosting Enrollment and Retention: It Takes More than Marketing
  • Critical Perspectives: Arts & Human Development: Building Capacity for Future Research and Information-Sharing
  • Trustees Corner: Involving Your Board Members in Fund Development


Fall 2011

  • Critical Perspectives: Leading Within Limits
  • Forum: Are Open Houses Worth the Investment?
  • Toolkit: “Remind Me…Why Are We Doing This?” Ten Conversations You Should Have Before Launching an Evaluation
  • Trustees Corner: Board Orientation


Summer 2011

  • Critical Perspectives: Cross-Sector Partnerships: A Challenge with Multiple Rewards
  • Trustees Corner: What Motivates Board Members


Spring 2011

  • Critical Perspectives: Collaborating for Sustainability and Impact
  • Toolkit: Engaging Adolescents: Lesson from the Youth Development Field
  • Forum: Developing New Profit-Generating Business
  • Trustees Corner: None of Your Business: Avoiding the Trap of Micro-Management


Winter 2011

  • Forum: “Friendraising”
  • Critical Perspectives: COCAbiz: Combing Arts Learning and Business Innovation
  • Trustees Corner: The Board’s Role in Succession Planning


Fall 2010

  • Trustees Corner: Executive Director or Faculty on the Board?
  • Forum: Appreciating Faculty and Staff
  • Critical Perspectives: The Teaching Artists Research Project
  • Toolkit: Creative Aging: Arts Participation’s Positive Benefits


Summer 2010

  • Toolkit: Evaluating Your Faculty and Staff
  • Trustees Corner: Board Diversity: A Bigger Issue Than You Think


Spring 2010

  • Critical Perspectives: Re-Forming Learning Environments Through the Arts
  • Toolkit: Demonstrating Program Impact Through Outcome-Based Evaluation
  • Trustees Corner: The Board-Executive Relationship


Winter 2010

  • Critical Perspectives: A New Day for Arts Education in America?
  • Toolkit: Community Engagement Strategies
  • Trustees Corner: Exceptional Boards


Fall 2009

  • Critical Perspectives: Social Media and Social Networks: Tools for Increasing Engagement
  • Forum: Is Social Media Worth the Hype?
  • Toolkit: Opportunity in Adversity: Tapping Community Treasure
  • Trustees Corner: Three Strategies to Engage Your Board in Fundraising


Summer 2009

  • Critical Perspectives: Finding the Smallest Unifying Particle in the Human Universe: An Artistic Theory of Everything
  • Toolkit: Communicating an Effective Message: Understanding the “Why” of Your Organization


Spring 2009

  • Critical Perspectives: Hard Choices in Tough Times: Making Decisions That Can Sustain Your Organization Through the Recession
  • Trustees Corner: Facing the Financial Crisis: 10 Smart Thing Your Board Can Do Now
  • Toolkit: New Opportunities in National Service Programs


Winter 2009

  • Critical Perspectives: Community Arts Education in a New Administration and Economy
  • Toolkit: Weathering the Economic Crisis
  • Forum: Strategies for Sustainability
  • Trustees Corner: Trustee in a Dangerous Time?


Fall 2008

  • Critical Perspectives: Engaging Parents as Learners and Advocates
  • Forum: The value of Parent/Family Involvement
  • Toolkit: Creating an Alumni Association
  • Trustees Corner: Developing an Effective Advisory Council


Summer 2008

  • Forum: Motivating Faculty to Market Classes
  • Critical Perspectives: Fostering Positive Youth Development Through Community Arts Education
  • Trustees Corner: Casting Your Board: Finding and Recruiting Trustees


Spring 2008

  • Forum: Surviving the Downturn
  • Critical Perspectives: Imagination, Arts, and the 21st Century Education
  • Toolkit: Achieving Sustainability in Community Arts Education


Winter 2008

  • Critical Perspectives: Multiculturalism & Diversity in Community Arts Education
  • Toolkit: Internet Marketing


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