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Community-Word Project Organizes Teaching Artist Job Fair in NYC

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May 10, 2017

Community-Word Project (CWP), an NYC based arts in education organization, has partnered with local stakeholders, as well as Guild members, to produce the 2017 Arts in Education Job Fair. With over 50 local organizations hosting tables—including Guild members 92nd St. Y, Brooklyn Music School, Carnegie Hall, Lifetime Arts, Lincoln Center Education, and The New Victory Theater—the event will bring together arts administrators, teaching artists, and those looking to learn more about a career in arts in education.

To learn more about how CWP spearheaded this event—and to provide insight on how other cities might organize something similar—the Guild spoke with Katie Rainey, program manager at CWP.

What was the inspiration for organizing the job fair?

Because of our work with teaching artist training, we've always wanted to find better ways to support the artists we work with and the field at large. In the past, Community-Word Project has worked closely with our cohort organizations to put on a Job Information Panel, in which representatives of those organizations would discuss their hiring processes before breakout sessions with the attendees. This year, we brainstormed with the Borough of Manhattan Community College and the Arts in Education Roundtable ways to "revamp" that model in order to bring more opportunities to the artists who work so hard for us, and thus the 2017 Arts in Education Job Fair was born. It's essentially a way to give back and support them in their journey as both artists and educators.

How did you identify and work effectively with partners to organize the event?

We have had a phenomenal crew to work with. This is a first year partnership with the Borough of Manhattan Community College, and we are all thrilled about the way it has progressed. Doug Israel and Beth Cooperman at BMCC have been champions at bringing arts education to the students at their school, and we are very excited about expanding and reaching people who have never considered this line of work as a means to enhance their artistry and support themselves. And of course, the movement behind this would have been impossible without our partnership with the Arts in Education Roundtable, [an NYC based service organization that supports arts in education]. The Roundtable Programs Committee has so expertly supported this event, jumping in and problem solving whenever there was an issue we couldn't solve. The Roundtable is also better equipped to reach a multitude of populations across the city, so their participation has been crucial on all fronts in bringing this opportunity to both artists and organizations. We could not have asked for a better team to work with. By bringing together both a school like BMCC (with students who are just entering the field) and an organization like the Roundtable (who can reach a body of organizations and teaching artists of all experience levels), we're able to serve a diverse population of artists, from the master teaching artists we want to give back to as well as the next generation of artists that will expand the field.

Any advice for arts ed stakeholders in other cities who may want to take on something similar?

Jump in and don't do it alone! I cannot accurately describe how seamless this process has been because of the collaborative effort of all parties. The event hasn't even happened yet and we're already feeling it's impact. It's a week away and we have nearly 800 people registered to attend between teaching artists and students. That is going to bring together so many artists and administrators who would've never had the chance to meet otherwise. It has already been an invaluable opportunity for all involved.

You can learn more about the job fair, taking place May 16, here.

About Community-Word Project

Community-Word Project is a New York City based 501(c)(3) arts-in-education organization that inspires children in underserved communities to read, interpret and respond to their world and to become active citizens through collaborative arts residencies and teacher training programs.

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