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Ford Foundation CYD Article Highlights Guild and Members

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May 12, 2017

A recent article from the Ford Foundation, Afterschool programs = success in school, life & work, highlights the vital impact of afterschool creative youth development (CYD) programs and features perspectives from Heather Ikemire, chief program officer at the Guild; Denise Montgomery, director of the CYD National Initiative and founder of CultureThrive; and Rick Sperling, executive director at Mosaic Youth Theatre of Detroit.

Recognizing that out-of-school time programs can be as crucial as the regular school day for positive youth development, the article touches on the effects of CYD and models for success. Importantly, it emphasizes that effective afterschool programs do not just teach one particular skill but rather they develop holistic youth that are prepared to be active citizens, enter the workforce, and be leaders in their community.

“Successful programs aren’t trying to produce artists but young people who are engaged in their communities and productive citizens with fulfilling lives who have support to achieve their potential,” says Denise Montgomery.

Similarly, Heather Ikemire stress that: “Rather than treating young people as vessels to be filled or problems to be solved, [the most successful programs] are really positioning young people as leaders in these programs, providing opportunity for them to gain skills.”

The article goes on to highlight the work of Mosaic Youth Theatre, 826 National, and AileyCamp.

You can read the full article here.

Photo credit: Mosaic Youth Theatre of Detroit, Detroit, MI

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