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Boston Globe: Let’s Build Massachusetts by Building the Arts

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Sep 29, 2017

In a recent editorial from the Boston Globe, the authors argue that Massachusetts’ decision to maintain flat arts funding is not an effective strategy to build a healthy, thriving state. According to the article, “Arts funding is moving in the wrong direction, and that needs to change.”

“This page has long argued that the arts are not mere side-dishes to life across the Commonwealth, but essential to it. Multiple studies have shown how the presence of the visual and performing arts — music, theater, dance, painting, and sculpture among them — contribute to what state Senate President Stanley Rosenberg recently called “a fully operational society.” A recent report from nonprofit Americans for the Arts showed that the arts contributed to the Massachusetts economy to the tune of $2.2 billion in jobs and spending in fiscal year 2015. It has also been shown that arts education enhances student performance across the disciplines, and that the presence of arts institutions such as theaters and galleries has helped reduce crime in their neighborhoods.”

The article goes on to highlight the many benefits, both short and long term, that come from enhanced funding to the arts. In particular, they note that it is not an either-or decision between arts funding and economic development. Rather, intelligent strategies for economic development harness the power of arts and culture, placing it at the center of long-term success.

Read the full article here.

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